Offering a truly European study experience

Education on European affairs

Education at Maastricht University reflects the process of European integration itself. Just as the EU is a union of different nations, languages, cultures and contexts, so is UM’s educational method a process of integration and inclusion where students’ differences become their strengths.

International students

Through UM’s unique combination of Problem-Based Learning and the International Classroom, and with our focus on Global Citizenship Education, students from not only the Netherlands but all over Europe and the wider world work together in a diverse setting to learn about and find solutions to some of today’s greatest challenges.

UM graduates go on to assume leadership roles throughout European organisations and governments, NGOs and non-profits, in research and technology, and in businesses of every shape and size.

International and European topics are firmly rooted in almost every academic programme at Maastricht University and compose an integral part of our curriculum. Furthermore, our study programmes offer accessible opportunities to study or gain work experience abroad, to partake in a double-degree programme and much more.

We also lead Europe’s top-scoring European University alliance the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE), which is setting up one of the first time multi-campus European Universities, and already offers many students from our university the opportunity to enrich their degree with courses and activities across Europe

Europe-themed academic programmes

True to its reputation as THE European University of the Netherlands, UM offers a wide array of degree programmes specifically devoted to European affairs, both at the bachelor's and master's level.

From law and governance to business and taxation to public health and technological innovation, we are preparing the next generation of leaders, scholars, researchers and innovators for the future of Europe. These programmes include:

European bachelor's

European master's