UFL Elisabeth Strouven scholarship

The UFL Elisabeth Strouven scholarship offers € 30,000. This allowance is a contribution towards your study goals in the Master in Global Health and includes costs of living, tuition fees, visas and insurance.

The Master in Global Health is an innovative, one-year English-language programme that addresses the complex relationships between health, healthcare, technology, international business, economic development, politics, the sociocultural environment and management on a global scale. Students and staff take part in both physical and virtual exchanges between the participating universities:

  • Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand 
  • Manipal University in Manipal, India 
  • McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

During a two-week Learning Symposium, all Global Health students come together – [possibly] in a developing country – to exchange ideas and experiences and to lay the groundwork for future collaboration.

This grant is part of the Limburg University Fund (UFL).

The Elisabeth Strouven Fund has provided financial support to organisations and associations in and around Maastricht for more than 50 years.
This support has aided various initiatives designed to improve society. In addition to support of social and community projects, the fund also supports cultural initiatives and in 2017 they added a third initiative which supports nature conservation and nature development projects.

Who is eligible?

The Elisabeth Strouven scholarship is open to talented young students registered for the Master in Global Health at Maastricht University (September 2021).

Successful candidates must meet all admission requirements of the Master in Global Health and the following application requirements:

  • Holding a passport from an emerging country in South America, Africa or Asia
  • Meet the requirements for obtaining a Dutch visa (MVV residence permit)

We especially encourage female candidates with a background in health sciences, healthcare policy, innovation and chronic care, to apply for this scholarship.

Application deadline
The applications will open October 2020, and the deadline will be up and including January 31th 2021.

Duration of the UFL Elisabeth Strouven scholarship

  • A maximum period of 13 months for the one-year Global Health programme.

Amount of the UFL Elisabeth Strouven scholarship

The € 30,000 scholarship is a contribution towards your costs of living, the costs of tuition fees, visas and insurance for a maximum period of 13 months.
The scholarship starts and ends on the dates indicated in the award letter. See below for a breakdown of costs: 

Pre-Academic Training

€ 695*

Arranged and paid by the
UM International Service Desk

Tuition fee contribution 

€ 16,800*

Arranged and paid by the
UM International Service Desk

Living expenses per month
with a maximum of 13 months

€ 920*

Paid by the UM International
Service Desk

Insurance, max. 13 months

€ 710*

Arranged and paid by the UM
International Service Desk

Visa costs

€ 192

Arranged and paid by the UM
International Service Desk

*These amounts are subject to change for each academic year

Application procedure

Step 1: Register for the Master in Global Health at Maastricht University. Once applicants have submitted their application via Studielink, they will receive a student ID number.

Step 2: Use your student ID number to complete and submit the application form. Applicants are then required to complete the application form and send it to Ms. Lori Mees at l.mees@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Together with the required documents (see form). The application deadline is up to and including January 31th 2021.

Selection procedure

Step 1: Candidates will be ranked according to educational degree of excellence and experiences.
Step 2: The board of the Elisabeth Strouven Foundation, together with a Global Health representative, will conduct an online interview with the top 3 candidates.
Step 3: The board of the Elisabeth Strouven Foundation will make the final decision. 
Step 4: Applicants will be notified of the decision in writing at latest by April 2021. You will receive an award letter with all information about the scholarship and the UM Pre-Academic Training. The UM Pre-Academic Training is a three-week mandatory component of the Elisabeth Strouven scholarship. The Pre-Academic Training takes place in August 2021.

Questions about the application and selection procedures? Please contact Ms. Lori Mees at l.mees@maastrichtuniversity.nl.