Scholarships / Financial Aid

Not sure what the main difference is or for which you are eligible? The following information will give you further insight when taking this decision.

A scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for students in need of financial support, however these tend to be limited and come with specific requirements. The financial amount attached to each grant is gifted to the awarded students and does not need to be paid back. Scholarships are typically earned upon academic merit, however they can also ask for only one specific nationality. If you wish to learn more about the available scholarships we offer and if you would be eligible to apply for one of them, please visit our website.

Financial Aid on the other hand should be seen as loan programmes. Students eligible for Financial Aid, need to pay back the amount loaned. Each Financial Aid program comes with different requirements, sorts of application procedures and/or interest rates. Keep in mind these are not grants nor gift aids, yet they can support your time abroad while studying until the moment you are meant to pay this aid back. To learn if you are eligible for the different Financial Aid we work with, continue here.