Working alongside your study

Students from Maastricht University who would like to work alongside their study may be able to find a job via ‘InterUM’, UM's temping agency. You can also consult the Career Services database, inquire at one of the many commercial temping agencies, or look for a student position at Maastricht University.

Employment agency InterUM

InterUM is founded for UM students who would like to get acquainted with their future field of work and gain some relevant work experience, so not just in any part-time job. InterUM is an intermediary for positions such as: student employees, research assistants, invigilators, administrative and secretarial personnel, reception employees and surveyors.

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Find job openings via the UM vacancy board

The UM vacancy board is the central job openings platform for Maastricht University’s students and alumni. Organisations post job openings here for recent graduates and experienced professionals, but you can also find intern positions, part-time jobs and volunteer work vacancies here.

UM Vacancy board  

Get money back from the Dutch tax authority

Did you have a part-time or summer job in the Netherlands? And did your employer pay income taxes on your behalf? You might be able to get part of the paid taxes back when you file an income tax return. The Dutch tax return period runs from 1 March to 1 May. If you file your tax returns annually before 1 April, the money will be in your bank account before 1 July.

You can file a tax report for any of the last five years. File a return for every year you had a part-time job and send it in. Doing so could amount to a few hundred euros.

Do you want to know exactly how you should file an income tax return? Check out  . You will also read how you can ensure that you pay the right amount of taxes. Do you want to file a tax return for other years? Then go to   to the online declaration programme 'Mijn Belastingdienst'. Please not that these pages are in Dutch.

Need help filing your income tax return?
The information and tools to file an income tax return are available in Dutch. If you have a limited understanding of the Dutch language, it might be helpful to ask a friend to help you out. Of course, you can also get help through the Tax Information Line: 0800 – 0543. If you would like to visit a tax office or support centre, you can make an appointment here  . For all general questions, you can also reach out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.