Supportive UM-services for student organisations

Maastricht University (UM) offers supportive services to student organisations.

Grants for student organisations

Student organisations at Maastricht University (UM) are able to obtain a grant from the “UM-stimuleringsfonds” under specified conditions.

  • Students who organise an activity that fits in with the strategy and vision of the UM,
    can be eligible for a stimulation grant for student activities.
  • A student organisation with 50 members or more, of whom at least 35 study at the UM, are eligible for the standard budget grant under specified conditions. This is a structural annual grant for the study organisation.

Teambuilding for boards

Managing a student organisation requires teamwork, organisation, collaboration, communication and more. In order to support UM-student organisations, UM Career Services offers a free teambuilding for their boards - every academic year. It consists of 3 hours of team exercises, guided by a career counsellor. The workshop aims to improve the collaboration within your team in order to determine and pursue your team’s goals.

Interested? Contact UM Career Services (at least 6 weeks beforehand) to organize the teambuilding.

Free UM Career Services lecture for your members

UM Career Services offers workshops, lectures, coaching and online information services that enable UM students to develop professional and personal competencies that strengthen their employability, and engage in a fulfilling study and career. Each academic year, UM student organisations are eligible to select and offer one of these standard lectures to their members as a free career event.
Are you interested in organising this career event for your members?
Contact UM Career Services (at least 6 weeks beforehand) to organise the lecture.

Student Initiative Helpdesk

The Student Initiative Helpdesk (SIH) supports students in their initiatives to develop themselves. Please check the SIH website   to see what they can do for you, or send SIH an email if you have questions.