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The Wellbeing Movement (WBM) is an initiative promoting physical and mental wellbeing at Maastricht University (UM). We are here to give you tools towards a healthy and happy student life. 

The Mindfulnest

Do you find it difficult to take time for yourself? Do you need a mindful break, or a responsible way of study evasive behaviour? Do you want to be able to work on skills that benefit your study life and your private life in a stress-free place?

From May 3, the WBM offers you the opportunity to use The Mindfulnest. In this lovingly made, stimulus-free cabin the focus is completely on you.

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Wellbeing Wednesdays

One Wednesday each month, enitrely devoted to wellbeing. Every Wellbeing Wednesday has its own theme with matching (online) activities: lectures, workshops, sports activities and more. 

The events are open for students of all faculties and also for staff. An extensive programme is put together each month for you to discover - even from the comfort of your own home.

Upcoming Wellbeing Wednesdays:

  • New dates will be added soon!

Wellbeing Evenings

Wellbeing Evenings are held several times a month, consisting of activities created by students for students. Each Wellbeing Evening will consist of a social hour and/or fun (online) activities, including baking workshops, speed-friending sessions, sports activities, and more. 

The events are open for students of all faculties. An extensive programme is put together each session for you to discover - even from the comfort of your own home.

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Wellbeing Week

A week full of (interactive) lectures, workshops, talks and other activities centred around your wellbeing. The activities usually take place across the various UM locations in Randwyck and the inner city, and the programme welcomes students of all faculties.

Other suggestions

Student wellbeing overview

UM offers a variety of support regarding your wellbeing as a student. Check out the student wellbeing overview to discover the initiatives and plans regarding student wellbeing within UM and find more information regarding mental support at UM and in Maastricht.

 Go to the Student Wellbeing Overview

Resources and inspiration

We've colleted a lot of resources and inspiration that can be helpful to address possible challenges/distresses in your life or to find wellbeing related inspiration.


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Quick Psychological Referral (QPR)

Whether you are struggling with where to go for psychological help, need help deciding which lecture or workshop to choose or you've got another question concerning your mental health, you can sign up for a QPR with a UM psychologist.

 Go to QPR

UM Walks

You never walk alone. Especially in these times, it sometimes is nice to just go for a walk with someone and have a friendly chat. That is why UM offers you this opportunity to easily get in touch with a random other student to go for a walk, while complying with the official safety measures. Maybe, you can even learn more about other students’ study experiences, or other degree programs.

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Online monitor

We need your input!
As part of the WBM, we developed a monitor to gain insight in what factors may contribute to student wellbeing within UM. The higher the response rate, the more constructively we can work on developing new initiatives. Anonymity is fully guaranteed, and the questionnaire will take only ten minutes. This project has been approved by the Ethical Review Committee Psychology and Neuroscience.

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We thank you in advance for your cooperation. In case of questions or remarks, feel free to contact us.