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Wellbeing Movement UM

The Wellbeing Movement (WBM) is an initiative promoting physical and mental wellbeing at Maastricht University (UM). We are here to give you tools towards a healthy and happy student life. 

The WBM offers wellbeing information and trainings in many forms, such as relaxation, sports, study skills and other resources. Three of our main events are:

  • The Wellbeing Week (yearly): a week full of workshops, talks and other activities centered around your wellbeing
  • The Wellbeing Wednesdays (year-round): one Wednesday each month, entirely devoted to your wellbeing
  • The UM Community events (year-round): several events a month, social activities by students for students and staff members 

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Wellbeing Week

UM Wellbeing Week 2023
Join and enjoy Wellbeing Week 2023: from Thursday the 16th of November until Wednesday the 22nd of November (also activities in the weekend)! Watch our programme on the Wellbeing Week-website. You can relax, you get inspiration for creativity and you focus on your health during this amazing week that is free of charge for students and staff of University Maastricht and students of Hogeschool Zuyd. We are more than happy to welcome everyone. See you then!

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UM Spring Wellbeing Days
Our last Spring Wellbeing Days were a big success. There were more than 20 activities at various locations in and around the University during the UM Spring Wellbeing Days. We had lots of fun and it was well attended.

Wellbeing Series

Have you always wanted to try a course in yoga, dancing, or anything else but didn't know when or where? This is your chance! Throughout the year, we organise several Wellbeing Series: (short) courses of weekly workshops for you to try and maybe even find a new hobby!

UM Community events

UMc is a space where everyone from the UM is welcome. Our goal is to integrate the diverse community of the UM and give everyone a space to meet interesting people from different faculties and take part in fun events while improving your wellbeing. 


Do you find it difficult to take time for yourself? Do you need a mindful break, or a responsible way out of study avoidance? Do you want to be able to work on skills that will benefit your study and personal life in a stress-free place?

The WBM offers you the chance to make use of The Mindfulnest. In this lovingly made, stimulus-free space, you are the focus.

You can find a Mindfulnest in the Innercity library in the wellbeing space and the library in Randwyck at FHML.

Other suggestions

Student wellbeing overview

UM offers a variety of support regarding your wellbeing as a student. Check out the student wellbeing overview to discover the initiatives and plans regarding student wellbeing within UM and find more information regarding mental support at UM and in Maastricht.

 Go to the Student Wellbeing Overview

Resources and inspiration

We've colleted a lot of resources and inspiration that can be helpful to address possible challenges/distresses in your life or to find wellbeing related inspiration.


 Go to Resources & Inspiration

Quick Psychological Referral (QPR)

Whether you are struggling with where to go for psychological help, need help deciding which lecture or workshop to choose or you've got another question concerning your mental health, you can sign up for a QPR with a UM psychologist.

 Go to QPR

Wellbeing Wednesday

One Wednesday a month, entirely focused on your well-being. Each Wellbeing Wednesday has its own theme with appropriate activities: lectures, workshops, sports activities and more. 

The events are open to all students and also to staff members. An extensive programme is put together each month for you to discover - online and on-campus.

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