UM students win Food Innovation Bachelor's Award

Food students are the food producers of the future. If they can provide healthy and sustainable foodstuffs on store shelves, it will be easier for consumers to make informed choices. That is why each year the Voedingscentrum challenges students to develop a healthy and sustainable product.

First prize for Frosty Farm

The winner of the Food Innovation Bachelor's Award (FIBA) 2022 was Frosty Farm by Ingeborg Pijnenburg, Sophie van Cooten, Cato Fröhlich and Keren Tamasial, students of Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University. This is a frozen snack made from oat yoghurt, fruit and vegetables for children aged 4 and up.

This snack was enthusiastically received by all jury members. This product is entirely vegetable, which means that good attention has been paid to sustainability, according to the jury. Because Frosty Farm uses residual products from a juice producer, food waste is prevented.

Second prize: Totally Nuts

A plant-based alternative to feta made from almond pulp, that's Totally Nuts. Developed by Patrick Joosten, Mara Kynast, Bente van Santvoort, Kelly Baert, also from the Health Food Innovation Management course. According to the jury a beautiful product, which can be placed much wider than just as a salad topper. It uses residual flows, namely almond pulp. If you eat this product instead of cheese, you also help the environment a bit!

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