Success in the Comparative Law in Action Competition

Sweeping success for our faculty in the Comparative Law in Action (CLIA) Competition!

CLiA 3.jpeg

The CLIA Competition is a legal consultancy moot organized on a yearly basis by IE University in Madrid. Teams from well-reputed universities with an innovative outlook on legal education act as legal consultants. The cases typically touch upon the nexus of law and technology and involve various legal fields and jurisdictions. Students do not only have to solve the legal problems posed by the case but must also advice clients on litigation strategy, possible of out-of-court dispute settlement, as well as future business strategy. 

This year's challenge was a complex case involving the liability of state and non-state actors following a series of accidents in space, international and national norms for commercial space exploration, settlement procedures for space liability, as well as industry standards and business considerations regarding space activities. It is hard to imagine a more avant-garde and relevant application of comparative law! 

It was an absolute pleasure to see Maastricht law students Anna Christina Mouzourou (2nd year ELS), Mariya Sayenko (Double Degreee Master UM/Univ. Zurich), Noemi Schmelz (3rd year ELS), and Robin Taes (Master International Laws) brilliantly navigate legal complexities and the challenges of business consulting alike. Competing against excellent students from some of Europe's most prestigious law schools, our team not only took home the overall victory 🏆, but also the awards for best written memoranda 🥇 and best oralist (Anna Christina Mouzourou) 🥇

Our faculty’s team was coached by Sascha Hardt and Hellen van der Kroef. 


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