Studium Generale: an extracurricular voyage of discovery

Studium Generale offers a wide range of programmes, activities, and events to complement the academic curriculum. This provides a broader, multidisciplinary perspective on various subjects. The lectures, lecture series, debates, talk shows, Film&Talks, and the PAS Festival stimulate, surprise and challenge you to test, compare and adjust your knowledge.

Studium Generale covers topics such as science, art, philosophy, politics and ethics. Also check out the programmes of the cultural partners with whom Studium Generale has special agreements for significant discounts for students (for example going to the opera for only 10 euros).

Activities usually take place in the evenings at UM locations in the city centre.  They are also open to everyone, so you will meet students from different faculties, staff and other interested people from the city and surrounding area.

Five times a year, the programme booklet is distributed throughout the university and the city. You can read all about it on the website, where you will also find links to sign up for events and the weekly newsletter:

Second year European Law and Digital Society student Kaťa Hrouzková explains why they like the initiative. “Studium Generale is an easy way to get involved in topics you don't know anything about. It does not even have to be related to your studies. For example, I recently attended a session on psychedelics, which was very interesting. You learn a little bit about everything and I think that is amazing! A friend of mine recently took me to a lecture on physics and now I can't stop thinking about the quantum realm. Without Studium Generale, I wouldn't have discovered that I liked this subject.”

Text: Letterdesk
Photography: Joris Hilterman

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