• Neanderthal lives on in modern humans


    Brand-new Nobel Prize winner Svante Pääbo managed to bring ancient DNA to life and unravel it. UM professor of palaeo-ecology José Joordens explains how special and valuable this is. 

  • What did the dodo really die of?


    What kind of animal was the dodo? And how did it die out? Palaeontologist and UM professor Leon Claessens tells about it in a short podcast of BNR Nieuwsradio.

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    Jassim Aba Al-Khail Fund created


    Two years ago our first year student Jassim Aba Al-Khail sadly passed away. It was the personal desire of Dr. Mohammed Aba Al-Khail to make a gift to Maastricht University, in commemoration of his beloved son. To this end, a fund was created at the Limburg University Fund that bears Jassim’s name and honors his life.

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