• Combining top sport with UM studies

    Combining top sports with university education becomes easier at UM


    On Tuesday, 23 January, Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, president of the Maastricht University Executive Board, and Drs. Annette Mosman RA, treasurer of NOC*NSF, Action plan FLOT: FLexibel Onderwijs en Topsport (Flexible Education and Top Sports). With this signature, Maastricht University commits to this action plan that sets down structural agreements about the support of top sportspersons, who need much time besides their study programme at UM for the preparation of and participation in international sports events.

  • Why do we ask people where they’re from?


    In her dissertation Lotte Thissen illustrates that everyone can experience foreignness, irrespective of their origin or background. One of the key conclusions in this study is that we should stop asking people where they are from.  

  • infinity games

    Computer game researches compositions and harmony in the arts


    Maastricht researchers are bridging the gap between art, data and computer science

  • New UM building to serve as living lab for sustainable real estate


    UM first university in Europe to register for the WELL Building Standard.

  • Jos Smits receives Maastricht University Medallion of Honour


    At Prof Jos Smits’s farewell symposium on Thursday 7 December, the President of Maastricht University, Martin Paul, awarded him the UM Medallion of Honour in recognition of his exceptional contributions to growing UM’s reputation and success.

  • Annelies van der Pauw

    Annelies van der Pauw new chairperson of the Maastricht University Supervisory Board


    The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has appointed Annelies van der Pauw as chairperson of the Maastricht University Supervisory Board as of 1 December 2017.  

  • Labour market becomes overcharged


    Until 2022, the number of people in work in the Netherlands will grow by 520,000, which amounts to an average annual employment growth rate of 1.0%. Graduates of research universities and universities of applied sciences will have the best job prospects until 2022.

  • Whole-grain products reduce risk of chronic disease


    A group of leading nutritionists, comprising the International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium (ICQC), reported at a symposium held in Rome that increased intake of whole-grain products is directly associated with a reduced mortality risk, a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, and possibly also colon cancer.

  • Alzheimer Plaques

    Plaques can cause memory problems without causing dementia


    Plaques, also known as Alzheimer proteins, can cause memory problems in people who have not been diagnosed with dementia (MUMC+ news).

  • Flexible work

    Flex work for every type of labour


    Correlations can be found between the type of flex work and the nature of the activities carried out and between the type of flex work and the profession (Inaugural lecture Wendy Smit).

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