21 September 2020

Screening Diversity at Tapijnkazerne

An intriguing gallery of portraits dons the facade of the renovated Tapijnkazerne, one of Maastricht University’s key buildings. The photos, including those of UM students, have been printed on the thirty-metre awning at the main entrance, expressing the diversity that the university stands for.

The photos highlight “aspects of being human that everyone - no matter where you come from - knows. Think of love, fear, focus, adolescence, aging, talent, daring, etc. The students occupy a central place in this story".

The photo gallery was commissioned by the Arts and Heritage Commission (KEC), set up to enhance the work and study environment in UM buildings with works of art. The commission took the renovation of the Tapijnkazerne, and particularly the addition of an extra basement over the entire length of its main building, as an opportunity to display “exciting images showing what UM wants to be: inclusive, innovative, international and firmly grounded in the city of Maastricht".

The Tapijnkazerne, with Robin de Puy's cartoon, was the setting for the Opening Academic Year 2020/21.