Recent blogs

Recent blogs

Today, a blog by Niels Philipsen on the importance of academic collaboration with China was published as a Faculty of Law blog. Earlier this year, Mariolina Eliantonio, Sarah Schoenmaekers, Michael Faure (with Yu Yan) and Marjan Peeters also published in Law Blogs Maastricht.

Also read

  • At the CARIM research institute (school for cardiovascular diseases) in Maastricht, a group of researchers – led by Joost Lumens - is working with ‘het digitale tweelinghart’ (the digital twin heart): a computer model that simulates the human heart. This research gives rise to a great deal of...

  • Christian Ernsten and Claartje Rasterhoff, in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten, receive €100,000 for their project ‘Rivier Atelier at the Geuldal: heritage management in times of climate change’.

  • In light of the fast developments within the use of generative AI, the SHE Management Team has developed guidelines for the use of AI.