• freelance

    Flex work for every type of labour


    Correlations can be found between the type of flex work and the nature of the activities carried out and between the type of flex work and the profession (Inaugural lecture Wendy Smit).

  • Project Partner in Balans

    Caregiver project 'Partner in Balance' wins Medical Inspirator Prize


    The caregiver project 'Partner in Balance' has been awarded the 2017 Medical Inspirator Prize. The project, created by Lizzy Boots, a researcher at the Alzheimer Centrum Limburg, focuses on the partners of people with memory problems.

  • York

    Maastricht and York join forces in major partnership


    The Universities of Maastricht and York have agreed a major partnership in which they will establish joint research projects, teaching collaborations, knowledge exchange, student exchanges and sharing best practice among their staff.

  • digital nomad Sabrina Bos

    Making money while travelling


    Now 29, when Sabrina Bos finished high school all she wanted was to go far, far away. Before starting the Bachelor in International Business in Maastricht, she spent a year travelling around Australia, Spain and France – a year in which she discovered her wanderlust. Currently the alum works out of her Renault Trafic van as a freelance project manager, blog writer and online business entrepreneur. Her income covers not only her travels, but also her startup accessART. She spoke about her experiences during the recent Global Entrepreneurship Week

  • Legal Classroom

    More fun in the legal classroom


    The work lawyers do, the way they do it – indeed, the entire labour market – is changing radically. This calls for new, ‘soft’ skills, which in turn requires an education revolution. And to this end innovative technology can make an important contribution, according to Bram Akkermans, Catalina Goanta and Gwen Noteborn from Maastricht University’s Faculty of Law. They are integrating simulations, virtual worlds and holograms into their teaching. “Innovative education is in our DNA.”

  • FL_Sterren Europa

    Comparative research into European arrest warrants


    This news item is only available in Dutch.

    Op 1 januari 2018 begint de Internationale Rechtshulpkamer (IRK) van de Rechtbank Amsterdam in samenwerking met de Universiteit Maastricht aan een rechtsvergelijkend onderzoek naar Europese aanhoudingsbevelen (EAB’s) die betrekking hebben op personen die niet aanwezig zijn geweest in de procedure die tot hun veroordeling heeft geleid (verstekveroordelingen).  In het Handvest van de grondrechten van de Europese Unie is gegarandeerd dat iedereen recht heeft op een eerlijk proces, waarvan het recht om bij de behandeling van de strafzaak aanwezig te zijn onderdeel uitmaakt.

  • FL_eu_agencies_in_the_future_europe.jpg

    Debate on the role of EU agencies in the Future Europe


    On Thursday, 7 December 2017 a debate about the role of the European agencies in the future Europe will take place. This event will be organised within the framework of the Europe Calling programme. Hosted by the UM Faculty of Law, the debate will take place at the Bonbonnière in Maastricht. The event will be opened by Ms. Annemarie Penn-te Strake, Mayor of Maastricht. A number of prominent representatives of European Agencies will discuss and share their views with the public.

  • Lisa Waddington Aned

    Presentations by Professor Lisa Waddington


    MCEL member Professor Lisa Waddington made a number of presentations at the annual seminar of the Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED) held in Brussels on 16 and 17 November. 

  • Housing helpdesk

    Helping hand with rental problems


    Lisette and Stefan* were so looking forward to moving in. Late last year, they found a nice, affordable apartment in the centre of Maastricht. The leaky shower and broken window would be fixed in no time, the landlord promised. But when the couple moved in, the place turned out to have many other problems as well. They spoke to the landlord and sent him countless emails – all in vain. In a last-ditch effort, Lisette and Stefan turned to the Housing Help Desk.

  • Andre Ott China

    Dr. Andrea Ott in Beijing


    Dr. Andrea Ott, Associate professor in EU law and MCEL researcher, taught Chinese students at the master programme in EU and International Law of the China-EU School of Law in Beijing from 6 to 10 November 2017.

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