• 'Defending Rights: Human Rights Defenders in the Front Line'. Lecture within the framework of the 5th Theo van Boven Lecture


    On Wednesday 12 November Mrs. Hina Jilani delivered the 5th Annual Theo van Boven Lecture, in honour of Prof. Theo van Boven, one of the founders of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights. The titel of her lecture was: 'Defending Rights: Human Rights Defenders in the Front Line'.

  • Bastiaan Kemp and Kid Schwarz on the foundation’s prohibition on having members


    ICGI professorial fellow Kid Schwarz and ICGI Phd fellow Bastiaan Kemp were featured in the December 2013 issue of ‘Ondernemingsrecht’. In their contribution, the ICGI fellows discuss the Dutch foundation’s prohibition on having members of the Dutch foundation in the light of a foundation’s governance and a recent legislative amendment.

  • Nobel Prize-winning microscope in Maastricht


    The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was recently awarded to (among others) the discoverer and developer of the STED microscope, Stefan Hell from Heidelberg. And Maastricht University has one of the two modern STED microscopes in the Netherlands.

  • Brains Unlimited wins ICT Impact Award 2014



    MRI-platform Brains Unlimited from Maastricht University wins the ICT Impact Award. Brains Unlimited was nominated because of the great impact the scanner platform has on society and as part of the digital economy.

  • Rogier Wolf on non-voting certificates


    ICGI research fellow Rogier Wolf published an article in this month's issue of ‘Ondernemingsrecht’. In his contribution, Wolf discusses the position of the holder of non-voting certificates in relation to the circle of stakeholders of a company and their ability to nullify a decision of the board.

  • ICGI research fellows Schwarz and Wolf on the simplified adoption and approval of the annual accounts in light of recent legislative proposals


    Part of the Act on the Simplification and Flexibilization of Private Limited Liability Company Law, which entered into force on 1 October 2012, was a simplified procedure to adopt and approve the annual accounts of a private limited liability company for companies where all shareholders are also on the board of directors

  • Another top research group comes to Maastricht


    The transfer of Prof. Ron M.A. Heeren (1965) from Amsterdam to Maastricht on 1 September 2014 signals the start of the creation of a new European institute for molecular imaging: M4I, or the Maastricht Multimodal Molecular Imaging institute.

  • Bas Steins Bisschop on the intended privatisation of ABN-AMRO


    ICGI Professional Fellow Prof. Bas Steins Bisschop published an article in the NJB (Nederlands Juristenblad) of the 3rd of October 2014. The article discusses the intended privatisation of ABN-AMRO by, among others, analysing the lessons learned form the takeover battle between KPN and América Móvil

  • Bastiaan Kemp featured in ‘Tijdschrift voor Jaarrekeningenrecht’


    PhD-Fellow mr. Bastiaan Kemp was recently featured in ‘Tijdschrift voor Jaarrekeningenrecht’. His article focuses on  how a Dutch private limited company (BV) should anticipate on future profits  and how to disclose these profits in the annual account.

  • ICGI contributes to 19th Ius Commune Congress in Edinburgh


    The 27th and 28th of November, the Ius Commune Research School organises its 19th Ius Commune Congress which will be hosted in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.
    Ius Commune facilitates research activities conducted by its 230 researchers and another 130 doctoral students. The annual Ius Commune Congress consists of several plenary sessions and also multiple workshops.

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