Paul-Henri Spaaklaan: north tower open for business

Paul-Henri Spaaklaan: north tower open for business

The north tower of the Faculty of Science and Engineering building was finished on 29 June and is open to receive its students and staff. The tower closest to the city will house Maastricht Science Programme, the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology, two master’s programmes and the FSE central office.

Lecture hall at the Paul-Henri Spaaklaan

An inviting place for students and staff

Although the design of the north tower closely follows that of its neighbor to the south, some unique elements can be discovered to give each floor its own character. The fresh styling makes sure the new FSE-building is an inviting, transparent place where students, staff and visitors will feel at home.

A future proof building

Just like with the south tower, as much of the ceilings, technical installations and lighting have been reused. This not only reduces planning and construction, but this also a far more sustainable way of building. In addition, efforts were made in reducing CO2 emissions by adding extra roof insulation, replacing the central heating system and installing a heat pump to ensure a future proof building.

Student learning spaces

Now the main structures of the science and engineering faculty are both ready for education and research it is time for the finishing touch: the central hall on the main floor. This area will mainly be used for student learning spaces and can be converted into a place to host events, such as open days. The main entrance will house a catering facility that serves food and drinks.

A full-fledged STEM faculty

With this last step in the redesign of the building, Maastricht University will have its own full-fledged STEM faculty with innovative, boundary-pushing research and educational programmes that provide students with tools to tackle the issues of our future.

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