• LL Science - Lowlands festival
  • “I learn something new every day”


    Maïs Sweid is from Syria. She lives in Limburg with her husband and five-year-old son and works for the Education Office at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN). Her advice to other refugees: “Meet Dutch people and learn the language as soon as possible.” This is a story about the success of work experience at UM.

  • The burdensome fiscal and social security status of highly mobile workers


    Due to globalization and the increasingly integrated nature of regional economies, workers largely operate cross-border on a highly mobile basis. Because of this highly mobile character of activities, difficulties arise regarding the place of exercise of employment for tax purposes, and affiliated (dis)coordination difficulties between tax and social security rules.

  • Anna Harris

    Contemporary Medical Education


    Dr. Anna Harris conducts research on the role of technology in teaching diagnostic skills, mixing the fields of Medicine and Anthropology.


  • sharon

    The Digital Disruption of Health


    Philosopher Tamar Sharon explores the social and ethical impacts of new technologies in the health domain.

  • Maastricht city of europa

    Maastricht to become the city of the European citizen


    What The Hague is to peace and justice, Maastricht can become for the European citizen. A city where residents, policymakers and academics from all over Europe work on solutions to today’s problems.

  • huiswerkbegeleiding

    Students coaching high schoolers


    In the ‘Match for Brighter Futures' project, UM students are helping high school students with their homework.

  • Disrupted circadian rhythm increases risk of type 2 diabetes


    A reversal of the day and night rhythm, due to shift work for example, leads to a disturbance in blood sugar levels. Scientists from Maastricht University have demonstrated this for the first time in humans.

  • ucv graduates

    First graduates University College Venlo


    Mirte van den Boogaard and Augustin Poncelet will be among the first graduates of the bachelor’s programme at University College Venlo (UCV). They look back on a memorable experience.

  • More insecurity in border regions over increased VAT rate


    What does the announced VAT increase mean for the Dutch border regions? Read more on the results and recommendations in ITEM's report 'Verkenning van grenseffecten van verhoging lage Btw-tarief'.

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