New external confidential advisor for PhD candidates: Maria Jansen

As of February 1st, 2024, emeritus professor Maria Jansen has been appointed as an independent external confidant for PhD candidates at FHML/Maastricht UMC+.

PhD candidates who encounter questions or problems that they would like to discuss with a person completely detached from the research institute or department where they work can contact Maria. As a professor, she has been actively involved for many years in stimulating and facilitating scientific research for societal issues in public health.

Furthermore, ‘positive health’ has always been her passion and driving force, and in a sense, that same passion has also been the reason for enthusiastically accepting the task of becoming an confidant for PhD candidates. She herself has been a promoter of many PhD candidates, and the well-being of the PhD candidates is close to her heart. As a confidant, she will stand ‘beside the PhD candidate’ while listening. She will treat everything said in strict confidentiality and will not register anything. The goal is to help the PhD candidate get back on track.

Maria can be reached via email:

Foto - Maria Jansen.jpg

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