New bachelor’s degree in Brain Science at Maastricht University

Maastricht University is expanding its range of programmes with the addition of a bachelor’s degree in Brain Science. The course will start in September 2024 and is open for enrolment from today. Students will explore the complex world of the brain, developing the creativity needed to tackle the major contemporary challenges in brain research. Graduates with a background in Brain Science will be able to contribute in areas such as the prevention and treatment of brain disorders.


The programme integrates neuroscience, psychology, biology, mathematics and computational science to provide students with a transdisciplinary understanding of key brain functions. This includes perception, movement and feeling, and the ability to remember events or learn skills. For each of these functions, molecular and neuronal processes will be studied in relation to patterns of brain activity, and the relationship with human cognition and behaviour. Mathematical and computational models will be used to establish and clarify the connections. The programme will encourage a more holistic scientific approach to the brain and hence more creative thinking about applications such as visual or auditory prostheses, technological and medical treatments for spinal cord injuries, brain-computer interfaces, or treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Relevance to society

A quarter of our population is affected by a brain disorder, and the proportion is growing. This has serious negative consequences not only in terms of individual well-being, but also at societal and economic level. Due to these challenges, there is a need for more scientists and other professionals with the capacity to conduct advanced brain research and devise more effective treatments. The bachelor’s degree in Brain Science will meet this demand. In addition to a career in science, professionals with a background in Brain Science and appropriate postgraduate education will also be able to enter AI-related professions.

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