Hospi Housing connects hosts and host families with students

Municipality and UM start cooperation with Hospi Housing

UM and the Municipality of Maastricht have commissioned social housing company Hospi Housing to stimulate the rental of rooms in Maastricht. In this way the UM and the municipality want to increase the supply of housing for students in the next two years.

Hospi Housing is a platform that was started three years ago by three former students from Utrecht. Their solution is to link (international) students to local hosts and host families. From their own experience, they have learned that this way of living can help prevent housing shortages and combat loneliness. The platform matches supply and demand, and Hospi Housing facilitates and supports the matching process. For hosts and host families, the service is free; students pay a one-time fee. 

Safe place

Hospi Housing is already active in Utrecht and Leiden and has a network of over 200 hosts and host families and 5000 students. Daan Donkers of Hospi Housing: "Maastricht is a unique city with its own culture, traditions and an international character. We are very proud that Maastricht is the third city into which Hospi Housing is expanding". 

The housing market for (international) students is tight. Hospi Housing seeks out and verifies hosts and host families, helping them to (temporarily) take in a student. At the same time, they represent the student, ensure that they do not pay too much and that they have a safe place to stay. Alderman Niels Peeters: "With an experienced party like Hospi Housing, we can relieve some of the pressure on the student housing market. Hospi rentals also create an immediate connection between new students and residents. That is very valuable".  

Two years 

An agreement has been made for two years. The costs will be shared by the city council and UM. The goal is to create 100 matches in these two years. Nick Bos (member of the UM Executive Board): "In order to prevent a shortage of student accommodation, it is also important to make the best possible use of the potential of existing accommodation. It removes bottlenecks, provides financial support for landlords and brings population groups closer together. Hospi Housing will help us to further unlock this potential and strengthen the connection between students and other residents".  

Besides Hospi Housing, Match Maastricht, Housing Maastricht and SOS Maastricht also offer help in finding rooms or host families. Where Hospi Housing offers a platform for renting via hosts in general, students who want to support their host with their specific request for help can go to Match Homesharing in exchange for a rent reduction. Homesharing is a project under the flag of the implementation programme Student City. Maastricht Housing is the official housing platform for students of UM and Zuyd University, where all available supply comes together. SOS Maastricht is an initiative by students for students and mediates for couch surfing. 

More information on www.hospihousing.com  

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