19 February 2021

Meet the SBE alumnus starting a nut butter revolution


Benjamin Porten and Lorenz Greiner

Ben's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

So, how did this duo manage to accomplish all this in such a short time, and particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic? In a recent phone conversation, Ben offered these tips for budding entrepreneurs:

  1. Build your network early—at the moment you might not realize what is possible, but down the road it may become an unforeseen asset.
  2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—that is, you don’t have to overthink your ideas, or look for ones that are too complicated or fancy.
  3. Go out and test your ideas, connect with people, get feedback from people early and continuously—and implement changes quickly.

But how about facing challenges? According to Ben, as a small start-up, one of the biggest challenges they faced from the outset was finding a suitable production facility—one that would be able to provide not only the requisite high quality but also fair pricing. They really needed to be able to travel and visit in person to establish sufficient trust on both sides, and fortunately the brief Covid-19 ‘break’ during the summer allowed them to do just that.

The other major challenge they have faced has been that of continuing to believe in themselves, despite the endless barrage of critical and discouraging messages coming at them from all sides, albeit sometimes unintentionally.

'You’re so small, and nobody believes in you. You get so many people who tell you, oh this is such a stupid idea, or that there is already a lot of competition. And you just have to continue: say thank you for the feedback, and just go on and go straight.'

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By: Alice Pan