MCEL PhD Forum in Feburary


In February’s MCEL PhD Forum researcher Matteo Bonelli gave a presentation entitled ‘A Rule of Law crisis in Poland? Developments and EU’s Reaction’

The presentation analysed the latest developments of the situation in Poland, which has been defined by many as a ‘rule of law crisis’. Last December, Poland adopted a controversial reform of the Constitutional Tribunal, which allegedly undermines the powers of the institution, and a new law regulating the public radio and tv threatening media pluralism and freedom of information. In response to these events, the EU Commission activated for the first time its ‘Rule of Law Framework’, and is currently assessing whether measures taken by the Polish government and parliament are in line with EU’s common values. The presentation gave a first assessment of the EU’s reaction to the possible crisis, questioning whether the Commission and the Union are safeguarding the rule of law and other EU values effectively. 

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