Master's Open Day: a useful and fun event

More than 1200 potential master's students attended the autumn edition of Maastricht University's Master’s Open Day last Saturday. They came to soak up the atmosphere at the university buildings, learn more about master's programmes and Problem-Based Learning, and experience the good life in Maastricht. The atmosphere was pleasant and laid-back, with most students stating they obtained the information they sought, resulting in high praise for the day.

The open day coincided with lively street festivities, signalling the start of the carnival season, yet this did not impact attendance, remaining consistent with previous years. With plenty of dry and sunny spells, weather conditions were favourable.

Across all six faculties, students engaged in workshops, presentations, and programme-specific in-depth sessions. Many seized the chance to interact with current master's students, gaining insights into life and study experiences in Maastricht. University staff were on hand to provide details on admission, registration and career guidance.

The event passed off smoothly, with participants expressing positive sentiments. The majority were content, offering a commendable approval rating for the event: 8.5 out of 10.

Master's Open Day 11 November 2023

Unique atmosphere

For those unable to attend in person, the faculties at Maastricht University offer the option to participate in online presentations and interactive information sessions, allowing questions.

So, why attend an open day on campus when there is so much information available online? Nothing can match your physical presence on the day, says one of the event coordinators, Patricia Hofman, who highlights “the unique atmosphere, personal connections and distinctive impressions that no brochure, photo, or website can replicate”.

Last Saturday, according to her, everything went like clockwork. "It was just a lovely day. The weather was good and the atmosphere inside was very relaxed. Not too crowded, so plenty of opportunity for one-on-one conversations with staff members, alumni and student ambassadors."


Visitors were also predominantly positive. As usual, more than half of the visitors were from the Netherlands; of the other nationalities, Germans were most represented.

More than 300 of the participants took the time to give feedback. Most expressed appreciation for both the information sessions and the informal discussions with students and staff.

One participant remarked: "Everyone in Maastricht and on campus was friendly and open. It was just very cosy and welcoming. The snacks and the seating area at the Faculty of Health Sciences made me feel particularly welcome."


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The organizers of the Master's Open Day
The event coordinators of the Master's Open Day

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