Maastricht University ranks 200th in QS World University Rankings

Maastricht University (UM) ranked 200th in the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings, which was published today. UM’s ranking was lower this year compared to last year, when it placed 173rd out of 965 universities worldwide.

UM scored well on the indicators 'international faculty' and 'international students', being given the highest score of all Dutch universities in the latter category. While the university improved its score in the 'citations per faculty' category this year – primarily because the number of citation years increased from five to six – it scored lower on 'employer reputation'. One of the reasons for this is the change in methodology: as of this year, the opinions of national respondents weigh just as heavily as those of foreign employers, while this used to be 70% and 30% respectively. Given the international nature of UM and the fact that many of its alumni are employed by international companies, this shift most likely had a negative impact on the score. Compared to last year, UM also scored lower on 'student-faculty ratio' while maintaining its score for 'academic reputation'.

Of the thirteen Dutch universities, ten are listed in the top 200, with frontrunner Delft University of Technology as one of the few Dutch universities to increase its ranking this year.

As part of this ranking, QS collects information about student and staff numbers. It also bases its score on reputation surveys conducted among both academics and employers, and collects information about publications and citations using Scopus data.

For more information and the full list, please visit the QS website  

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