6 June 2017

Louise Verboeket speaks about public prizes at seminar province Friesland

On May 23rd 2017 a seminar about public procurement and subsidies took place at the Provinciehuis of Friesland in Leeuwarden. About thirty participants from the northern provinces and knowledge center Europa Decentraal participated in the seminar.


Louise Verboeket, Teach/Research Staff Member at the department of Public Law of Maastricht University, gave an interactive presentation on the public prize. Louise Verboeket will soon start her PhD research on the public prize. Public prizes are increasingly popular amongst government agencies, which are spending millions of public money via prizes. An example of a public prize is the “Prijsvraag Inkomende Handelsmissies”, a prize that was offered in 2017 by the province Friesland. Louise showed that public prizes are – in spite of their hip names – usually just public contracts or subsidies, with their associated legal frameworks. This is however not always recognized by government agencies, which leads to, for example, the denial of proper legal protection for the participants in public prizes.