Great news for the care of overweight and obese children

The combined lifestyle intervention from Your Coach Next Door (YCND) will be structurally funded by the Dutch basic health insurance, from January 1, 2024 on.


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Scientific research with up-to-date knowledge and management

This combined lifestyle treatment aims at healthier diet and eating habits, more exercise and possibly individual psychological treatment to support behavioural change. The Your Coach Next Door (YCND) combined lifestyle intervention is scientifically proven effective. The “close to home” approach of YCND is, thanks to COACH (The Centre for Overweight Adolescent and Children’s Healthcare) and NUTRIM (School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism from Maastricht UMC+), scientifically substantiated and constantly evolving.  


COACH is a centre for evaluation, integral treatment and monitoring of children with overweight and obesity. Scientific research generated new knowledge about the correct approach to overweight and obesity. YCND has shown that this programme works, and led to strong networks in both the social and care domains. The bundling of (local) networks, (academic) knowledge and experience, contributes to this and will keep on evolving.

The combined lifestyle intervention from Your Coach Next Door (YCND) will be structurally funded by the Dutch basic health insurance, from January 1, 2024 on. 


About YCND Foundation and GO!

The YCND Foundation is in addition to being intervention owner, also trainer and trains professionals to become central care providers. YCND is the only training institute where trainees learn to implement the combined lifestyle intervention for children. They will become authorised to work with the YCND intervention. 

GO! and YCND have decided to move forward together and to expand their cooperation!

GO! (originated from Rijnstate hospital), ensures that children in the province of Gelderland can make healthy choices from their own strengths and contributes to connecting healthcare professionals and social partners. A perfect complement to our YCND activities. Therefore, when Anita Vreugdenhil and Eva Smit (GO!) met in the spring of 2021, they immediately saw opportunities to take a qualitative step for both lifestyle interventions through collaboration.

GO! will become part of the YCND foundation. A few GO! employees will remain closely involved with the intervention: Annejet Plaisier (Rijnstate pediatrician) will remain the medical expert and Eva Smit (programme manager for prevention & lifestyle Rijnstate) will take a seat on YCND's Supervisory Board.

This will give the guidance of overweight and obese children towards a healthy lifestyle a powerful boost! With this collaboration, GO! and YCND are ready to scale up further when, as of January 1, 2024, care for overweight and obese children will be reimbursed from basic health insurance. Congratulations to Professor Anita Vreugdenhil and the Department of Pediatrics research team

More information on YCND and their training programme. More information on the cooperation between YCND and GO!

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