The Open Initiative Trophies

Egon Willighagen’s efforts to promote Open Science awarded at National Open Science Festival

The Open Initiatives Trophies give recognition to teams or individuals who have made efforts to promote Open Science with their peers and in their local communities in the Netherlands. Egon Willighagen – assistant professor at NUTRIM – received a trophy and 250 euros as one of the runner ups.

Egon has been committed to open science for many years and has put UM’s Open Science slogan ‘connecting open minds’ to practice ever since. He is also one of the founders of the Open Science Community Maastricht. Alongside his work as a scientist, he also engages with other open (community) projects like Wikimedia and Wikipathways. As a longstanding advocate for Open Science, he is an example to others that want to learn about Open Science.

Egon Willighagen at Open Science Festival 2021

From the jury-report: “Egon is someone with high standards and tries to hold himself accountable to these as well. He is not afraid to point his finger at the elephant in the room. We need people like Egon as a long time driving force for cultural change.”


Mariëlle Prevoo and Ron Aardening