Dissertation Anna Sabrina Wollmann - Nationality Requirements in Olympic Sports

Sabrina Wollmann

Who may compete for a country at the Olympics?

While the qualification rounds for the Rio Olympics received huge media attention, the underlying question regarding which country an athlete may compete for only makes headlines when prominent athletes change their country of representation. Nationality requirements are an issue that had yet to be brought to the forefront of public discussions, as most recent works focussed on only a fraction of the Olympic Sports.

Hence Anna Sabrina Wollmann’s dissertation entitled “Nationality requirements in Olympic Sports”, which she will defend on 28th June at 2 pm in Maastricht, will be the first comprehensive work to shed light on this under-researched topic. Her book, which has been published by Wolf Legal Publishers, not only comprises a comprehensive overview of the different sports, but also analyses the different sporting regulations with regard to international standards of nationality law.

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