CAPHRI Day 2024 – Fostering Wellbeing in our CAPHRI Community

CAPHRI Day 2024 – Fostering Wellbeing in our CAPHRI Community

We are happy to have welcomed you on June 19th during our annual CAPHRI Research Day 2024 with the theme “Fostering Wellbeing in our CAPHRI Community”. We look back at yet another successful edition, where we got the chance to meet, interact, discuss, reflect and learn. Thank you for your presence and contributions!

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During the morning program, The Actors' Society gave a performance about “Scenes on Social Safety” and the discussions that followed gave us some valuable insights and stimulated further reflection. First of all, it illustrated that this theme is very much alive within our community and many mentioned the importance of addressing this theme together. Simultaneously, it also strengthened our belief that this day should be regarded as a starting point and that further discussion, action and change is needed. We believe that this is a shared need and we are therefore invested in taking up this theme further in the coming year(s). 

We ended the day with the well-known award ceremony in which our PhD students were put in the spotlight. Marla Hahnraths won the CAPHRI Dissertation award 2024, Michelle Verheijden won the CAPHRI Poster Award 2024 and Yara Sievers won the CAPHRI Public Poster Award 2024. Huge congratulations to the three of them!

We kindly welcome you to our next annual CAPHRI Research Day 2025. Mark your calendar on June 18th 2025, we look forward to seeing you again!

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