Best Defendant memorandum Award voor Tax Moot Court team

From March 28 - April 2, 2021, Maastricht University competed in the International and European Tax Moot Court Competition 2020 – 2021 organized by the Institute of Tax Law of KU Leuven and the IBFD in cooperation with Deloitte. The team successfully passed to the oral round of the competition and even though it did not reach the final, the judges awarded the team with a well-deserved “Best Defendant memorandum Award”. Congratulations!

The team is composed of Linde Kramer, Julia Siegel, Hendrick van der Grift and Vaibhav Jain, students of the International and European Tax Law LL.M.

The coaches, Marina Serrat Romaní and Fernando Souza de Man, would like to congratulate the team, once again, for this deserved recognition of their legal reasoning skills, hard work and dedication.

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