16 July 2016
Game Theory World Congress on 24 to 28 July

800 top minds together in Maastricht

From 24 to 28 July, over 650 game theorists from all over the world will come together for the 5th World Congress of the Game Theory Society. This World Congress is held only once every four years; earlier editions took place in Bilbao, Marseilles, Evanston and Istanbul. Game theory is a mathematical discipline that centres on decision-making. It deals with models of conflict, competition and cooperation, in which each party is focused on achieving its own individual aims. The societal importance of this field of research is evidenced by the large number of game theorists who have won a Nobel Prize in economics. These include: Nash (known from the film A Beautiful Mind), Selten, Harsanyi (1994), Aumann, Schelling (2005), Hurwicz, Maskin, Myerson (2007), Roth, Shapley (2012), and Tirole (2014). Three of these Nobel laureates are also scheduled to speak at the Congress.