• educatieve minor

    Teaching training at UM


    Since 2018, third-year bachelor’s students have been able to obtain their teaching qualification through Maastricht University’s Education Minor. A comparable programme—the Education Module—is now open to bachelor’s and master’s graduates.

  • New research maps out how parks, lakes, trees and other urban green spaces boost physical activity and overall human wellbeing in cities. (Image by Jacob Lund)

    UM Researchers help map how people in cities get a health boost from nature


    Trees lining a street may encourage people to take a longer stroll or choose to bike to work. New research shows how access to natural areas in cities can improve human health by supporting physical activity. The researchers plan to equip city planners with tools to create healthier, more sustainable cities around the world.

  • Cross-border research centre to enhance understanding of the microbiome


    Scientists based in the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will work together to gain more insight into the functioning of the microbiome: the trillions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that live in and on our bodies. To this end, the researchers are today launching the Euregional Microbiome Center.

  • Garschagen

    EU: dense material of fundamental importance


    If it were up to Melle Garschagen, every day would be ‘Europe Day’. “The role of a journalist is to follow the EU critically and comprehensively,” says the UM alum and deputy editor of NRC. He recently returned to the Netherlands after almost five years as a correspondent in England, mainly covering Brexit.

  • Out of the brain, into control


    Recently, Bettina Sorger received an NWO VIDI grant for her proposal entitled ‘Out of the brain, into control’ – Towards brain-based means of social and environmental interaction for children with severe cerebral palsy.

  • Dutch evolutionary biologist and science writer Tijs Goldschmidt appointed 6th Eugène Dubois chair at Maastricht University


    Dr. Tijs Goldschmidt has been appointed Eugène Dubois chair for the year 2021. Professor Goldschmidt was born in Amsterdam, trained as a behavioural biologist in Amsterdam and Leiden and is a renowned writer on science and art.

  • Circular Engineering

    Last call to become the engineer of the future!


    The application deadline for the BSc Circular Engineering has been extended! For EU/EEA-students, you can now apply up to and including 1 August 2021.

  • Peace and quiet in The Mindfulnest


    Starting 3 May, UM’s Wellbeing Movement will offer you the opportunity to use The Mindfulnest for a month. In this lovingly created, stimulus-free space, you are the main focus.

  • Adam Dixon and Imogen Liu

    Chinese Sovereign Wealth Funds: geopolitical tools or commercial means?


    Adam Dixon and Imogen Liu are both involved in the ERC funded project ‘Legitimacy, Financialization, and Varieties of Capitalism: Understanding Sovereign Wealth Funds in Europe’ (SWFsEUROPE). This project focuses on explaining how Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are made legitimate as state actors in the economy and financial markets and how state capital is reshaping the political economy of global development.

  • Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 4

    Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 4 | New technologies


    Honest talks with UM sexologist Marieke Dewitte and student guests.

    Today we’re talking about new technologies, social media and toys, and how they affect our sex lives. Bea and Berkant join Marieke once again to look at this topic from a student’s, as well as an academic, perspective.

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