41st Dies Natalis

Europe Calling

On Tuesday, 7 February 2017, exactly 25 years after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, UM celebrated its 41st Dies Natalis. This year the Dies celebration was organised alongside festivities in Maastricht for this ‘Europe Calling’ anniversary.

In honour of the anniversary UM awarded an honorary doctorate to the German President Joachim Gauck, whom Angela Merkel described as a ‘tireless advocate for freedom, democracy, and justice’. His record of pro-Europeanism led the University Council to his nomination. Mister Gauck also delivered the Dies Lecture. Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands attended the presentation of the honorary doctorate to President Gauck.

In keeping with tradition the Rector awarded the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, Dissertation Prize 2016, and the Student Prizes as well. For a complete overview of all prize winners, read this news release.


Photo gallery

Video introduction Joachim Gauck

During the Dies celebration, a video introduction of Joachim Gauck was shown to the audience. Watch the video!

Introduction of Joachim Gauck during the Dies Natalis of Maastricht University

Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

The Wynand Wijnen Education Prize is an annual prize awarded to members of the UM teaching staff who have made an exceptional contribution to education at UM.

This year, the prize went to Dr. Jeanette Hommes. Read this news release.

In the video, two former winners, Hetty Snellen-Balendong and Bob Wilkinson, explain what winning the Education Prize has meant to them.

An introduction of The Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

Video report

Watch the short video report for an impression of the day. Made by the UM Student Videoteam.

Student report of the 41st Dies Natalis 2017 at Maastricht University

Complete video registration

Watch the full registration of the Dies celebration at the Theater aan het Vrijthof.

Dies Natalis 2017 of Maastricht University