Mar Coll Planell, MA Globalisation and Development Studies

Mar is from Spain and has a bachelor in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Barcelona.

“During my bachelor’s in Barcelona, I was a member of AIESEC, an international youth-led NGO focusing on developing leadership in young people. Through them I volunteered in Egypt and India and also in the Philippines, where I was involved in a youth initiative of the Asian Bank for one year. I actually wrote my bachelor’s thesis there and graduated during my time in the Philippines. My aim was and still is to be involved in project design and implementation, but for that I need a master’s degree.
I looked online for suitable programmes and this master’s was perfectly relevant. You gain all the knowledge you need to understand the development sector, the history, the international organisations and agencies involved and their roles. Also, you learn how to do qualitative and quantitative research.
My goal is to work for an NGO or start my own NGO, working in the field with women who are facing gender-based violence, design programmes specifically aimed at this group and also implement them.”

Mar Coll Planell
October 2020

Mar was student ambassador for the MA Globalisation and Development Studies during academic year 2020-2021
 Watch her ambassador video