The MaastrichtHETA Centre develops and disseminates innovative methodology and knowledge for advancing, promoting and teaching best practices in health economics and health technology assessment.

As part of the MaastrichtHETA Centre, the ISPOR student chapters provides a platform to connect with colleagues in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) by organising various events like workshops, lectures, journal clubs, and a lot more. Follow us and stay informed about our latest and upcoming events and get up-to-date information about developments and topics in the field. Feel free to join our activities and expand your health economics - network.

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Upcoming seminars

  • Jan 18, Feb 22, Mar 21 and Apr 18, 2024
    Modelling workshop series in R by Bram Ramaekers: 4 meetings on Thursday from 9:00 – 12:00
  • May 2024 (exact date will follow)
    Online collaboration day with University of Eastern Finland

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2024
    MaastrichtHETA/ispor-sc researcher day – including HPIM students (hybrid) – from 9:00 – 12:00

Past seminars (2021-2022)


  • Tuesday 31st January 13.00-14.00 (DUB 30, room 0.051)
    Journal Club - Incorporating Equity Concerns in Cost‑Effectiveness Analyses (chaired by prof Milena Pavlova and Diogo Lopes)
    The topic of this Journal Club was incorporating equity concerns in cost-effectiveness analyses. 
  • Thursday 2nd March 9.00-10.00
    Seminar - Where are previous HE PhDs from Maastricht now
    In this seminar we invited former Health Economics PhD students from Maastricht who told us about where they are now and how they got there. This was an interesting opportunity to take a look at the Health Economics field outside of academia.
  • Tuesday, March 14th 12.00-13.00
    Seminar - Things we didn't learn in grad school about health economics
    In this seminar our speaker (to be announced) gave a presentation about how what is taught in university about health economics frequently does not reflect what they encounter outside of academia.
  • Monday, April 3th 9.00-12.00 (DUB 30, room 0.051)
    R-Workshop - Markov-models
    The seminar gave a brief introduction to modelling Markov models in R. 

  • Tuesday, April 25th  12.00-13.00 (Online)
    Seminar - Machine learning in HTA  
    During this seminar we had the pleasure of welcoming a speaker of the Centre of Economic Evaluation & Machine Learning from Trimbos Institute.

  • Tuesday, May 23th  9.30-11.00 (Online)
    Seminar - health economics and HTA in low- and middle income countries (LMICs)
    For this seminar we invited multiple speakers from different institutes who told us about their work, perspective and the challenges of HTA in LMICs.

  • Tuesday, June 13th 9.00-12.00 (DUB 30, room 0.051)
    Bi-Annual Maastricht HETA research day -Presenting research and getting feedback
    Every half year, all researchers (PhDs, post-docs and professors) are invited to present any research activities, current projects or upcoming projects in order to receive feedback from the audience. 

  • Tuesday, 07.11.23 (12:00 – 13:00) at Dub 30, room 0.051
    Seminar - colorectal cancer screening model and the collaborative work
    with Veerle Coupé (associate professor at the department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam)
  • Tuesday 21.11.23 (11:00-12:30) at DUB 30, room 0.051
    PhD café – Networking event

    Network with colleagues/staff from the departments of HSR (Health Services Research) and KEMTA (Klinische Epidemiologie en Medical Technology Assessment)


  • December 6th, 2022 Tuesday 9.00-12.00
    Bi-annual Health economics / HTA PhD day - Presenting research and getting feedback
    Every half year, all researchers (PhDs, post-docs and professors) are invited to present any research activities, current projects or upcoming projects in order to receive feedback from the audience. The researcher day will take place online and on campus.

  • November 28th, Monday 16.00-17.00.
    Challenges and Solutions for HTA: an agenda for the 21st century by Prof Don Husereau (University of Ottawa)

  • November 15th, Tuesday 9.00-12.00 (on campus)
    Workshop in R software (#2): trial-based economic evaluation by Ben Wijnen (Trimbos Institute)

  • October 10th, Tuesday 9.00-10.00 (on campus)
    Broadening the application of HTA in the Netherlands by Andrea Coves (KEMTA)

  • September 15th, Thursday 13.00-14.00 (online)
    Seminar by Prof Judit Simon (Vienna University)

  • June 23rd, Thursday 9.00-14.00 (on campus)
    Health economics/HTA PhD day - Presenting research and getting feedback
  • May 31st, Tuesday 12.00-13.00 (online)
    What are becoming our PhD Alumni?
  • May 10th, Tuesday 9.00-12.00
    Journal Club 2 - Shields GE, Wilberforce M, Clarkson P, Farragher T, Verma A, Davies LM. Factors Limiting Subgroup Analysis in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and a Call for Transparency. Pharmacoeconomics. 2022;40(2):149-56.
  • April 26th, Tuesday 9.00-12.00
    Workshop on decision tree in R software
  • April 19th, Tuesday 9.00-10.00
    Seminar by Prof Esther de Bekker (Erasmus Rotterdam)
    Title: “Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) II”
  • March 29th, Tuesday 11.00-13.00
    PhD 'lay talk' rehearsal (by PhD students)
  • March 8th, Tuesday 9.00-10.00
    Journal club 1: "State of the ART? Two New Tools for Risk Communication in Health Technology Assessments", led by Dr Sabine Grimm (Kemta)


  • February 22nd, Tuesday 12.00-13.00
    Seminar by Dr Dalia Dawoud and Dr Jamie Elvidge, NICE Scientific Advisers


  • December, 9th Thursday 9.00-10.00
    Covid-19 and health economics research.
    Speakers: Dr Mickael Hiligsmann (HSR); Drs Thomas Otten (Kemta), Dr Roselinde Kessels (SBE), Ilja van Berge and Sophie Boger (HPIM alumni)