Liberal Arts and Sciences

Maastricht University offers three very distinct Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes, each with their own style, structure, and overarching theme. The bachelor’s programmes in Liberal Arts & Sciences are intended for students who have a broad interest, know what they want, and do not want to limit themselves to the perspective of one discipline.

The students in these programmes are eager to make the most of their talents and are curious, open-minded, and truly passionate about learning. Liberal Arts & Sciences programmes are perfect for highly motivated students who want to be part of an international, small-scale, and close community.

University College Maastricht

Are you highly motivated and looking for a programme that gives you the freedom to pursue your own interests? Do you want to be part of a diverse yet close-knit academic community that encourages discussion and debate? University College Maastricht is a Liberal Arts and Sciences Honours College that provides small-scale and individualised bachelor's education.

At UCM, you will be part of a truly international community, working and socialising with students from more than 50 countries. You choose one of our three concentrations: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences and focus on one particular discipline or instead opt for courses around a combination of themes or disciplines. Based on your personal goals and interests, and with the support of your Academic Advisor, you build your own curriculum that leads to an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree.

By using a combination of small-group work and individual research, you are in control of your own education. The Problem Based Learning format helps you retain information better, teaches you to think about problems independently and allows you to develop your interpersonal skills.

With a 95% student satisfaction rate (Keuzegids, 2015), UCM prides itself in being a close-knit academic community in which students socialise, engage in extracurricular activities, and pursue shared passions.

University College Venlo

University College Venlo (UCV) is a 3-year bachelor’s programme in Liberal Arts & Sciences, meant for talented and ambitious students. At UCV you can choose to specialise in questions relating to nutrition, food and health, without being limited to one discipline.

Do you want to know whether fatty fish really makes you smarter? Do you want to find out how “unnatural” those E-numbers actually are? Or discover which eating habits can keep us healthy and help prevent illness?

Our Liberal Arts & Sciences programme gives you the freedom to design your own curriculum from a broad range of courses within the social sciences (e.g. Psychology of Eating, Economics, and Behavioral Change) and life sciences (e.g. Biology, Epidemiology of Food, Biochemistry, Datamining). The combination of courses from different disciplines will help you develop a distinct academic and professional profile.

Education at UCV is problem- and research based. By working in small interactive group sessions you are actively involved in your own development process. Additionally, UCV has a strong focus on putting knowledge into practice, either in a business or an academic setting. Continuously developing partnerships with local enterprises allow you to integrate and apply theoretical and practical perspectives.

Maastricht Science Programme

Maastricht Science Programme is based on the Liberal Arts and Sciences tradition, which prepares you for a non-traditional degree providing a broad experience due to flexibility in selecting courses. According to the Liberal Arts and Sciences philosophy, students are best prepared for a specific master’s programme after completing a more general, broad bachelor’s programme. What makes Maastricht Science Programme unique is the focus on natural sciences, combined with an open curriculum. At Maastricht Science Programme, we give you the freedom to choose and the responsibility to direct your own education. Depending on your ambition and interests, you can pick from a wide range of courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and various interdisciplinary fields such as biomedical engineering, entrepreneurship and neuroscience. With our open curriculum structure, you are free to focus on one discipline or combine multiple disciplines into a single bachelor degree.

We encourage you to explore different subjects from a variety of science fields to shape the academic path you would like to pursue. This unique way of tailoring your own courses, skills training and projects, and opting for different combinations according to your personal choice and aptitude, will prepare you for the multidisciplinary challenges in our fast changing world.