Interview with Isabel Bruijstens, Student ambassador Research master Cultures of Arts, Sciences and Technology 2023-2024

Why did you decide to choose this master’s programme?
“I chose this master's programme because of my academic background. I completed my bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Erasmus College in Rotterdam, which provided a broad and interdisciplinary education, with courses in sociology, business, and philosophy. For my Master's, I sought a programme that allowed for specialisation and exploration across various research areas within Arts and Sciences. The Cultures of Arts, Sciences, and Technology programme was the perfect fit for me. What particularly appeals to me is the programmes approach, which starts by addressing societal urgencies and then delves into these topics from various disciplinary perspectives, including philosophy, history, and sociology.”


What do you hope to get out of this programme?
“This programme places significant emphasis on philosophy, which equips students with critical thinking skills and tools for engaging with disciplines like sociology. My goal is to develop a strong set of research and communication skills that are valuable in the Arts and Culture sector. Additionally, I aim to expand my network within the societal research field, as it will be helpful in launching my career in a professional way.”

What would be your dream career?
“I love to work in the Arts and Culture sector, where the intersection of arts and societal research creates immersive, experience-based organisations. Concrete Blossom in Rotterdam, for instance, exemplifies how societal research converges with art workshops and exhibitions. This would be an interesting field to work in.”

October 2023