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Maastricht University: from the (Eu)region, for the (Eu)region

Maastricht University is proud to be the most international university in the Netherlands. We are grateful for the richness and diversity provided by our international staff, students and study programmes—and the ensuing endless supply of inspiring stories. 

We want to share these stories with everyone who carries the province in their heart, be they from Limburg or otherwise. And with everyone who wants to know why Limburg, of all places, is the right place for a university—because UM is here for you, too.

Infographic: what value does the university bring to the region?


Interviews and stories


GREENER TOGETHER: More meeting places and greenery in the neighbourhood

After a sunny start to spring, the weather on this third Saturday in March is a disappointing 10 degrees Celsius, if that. Not that this dampens the enthusiasm of the gardening volunteers from SamenGroenerMaastricht, a foundation aimed at making neighbourhoods greener and promoting social interaction. As they do every Saturday morning, the volunteers are rolling up their sleeves in the Viegenpark in northwestern Maastricht, between the Caberg and Malpertuis districts.

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