25 Jan 2018

Understanding European Crime and Criminal Justice and its Research

the past 25 years, the present and the future

European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice to Celebrate 25th Anniversary with Young Scholar Competition

2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of the European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. This occasion will be celebrated by a conference, which will take place on 25 January 2018 at Maastricht University. The conference will focus on the various trends that can be distinguished in crime [in Europe?} and in combating it, including the evolving approach of stakeholders in cooperating with each other and the creation of new institutions that strengthen cooperation within the European Union, such as Eurojust, Europol and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. The conference will also look at the future to see what potential scenarios could develop in a contradictory world, in which some EU Member States intensify cooperation (i.e. EPPO) and others pull out (Brexit). In addition to these criminological and legal developments, attention will be paid to their meaning for research.

As part of the celebration, the Editorial Board encouraged young scholars to submit articles to the Journal. The best four articles will be published in the Journal and the authors will present their papers at the conference in Maastricht.



13.30: Registration

14.00: Developments in European Criminal Law and Cooperation and Scenarios for the Future by Prof. dr. C.J.C.F. Fijnaut​, University of Tilburg and Prof Mr André Klip, Maastricht University
Chair: Prof. Estella Baker, Leicester De Montfort Law School

15.00: Young scholars Competition:

  • Ms Anna Pivaty: The Right to custodial Legal Assistance and European Criminal Law
  • Dr. Henri Decoeur: The Criminalization of Radical Islamism under French Law: Guilt by Association in the Age of Enemy Criminal (and Administrative) Law
  • Chair: Prof. Jannemieke Ouwekerk, Leiden University

15.50:Coffee break

16.15: Open panel discussion with three distinguished guests:

  • Criminological Developments over the last 25 years and their relevance for European criminal law by Prof. Dr. Nina Peršak​, Central European University, Institute for Criminal-Law Ethics and Criminology
  • Challenges for European Criminal Law after Brexit, for those who leave and those who remain by Prof. Estella Baker, Leicester De Montfort Law School
  • Pros and Cons of further European Integration via Criminal Law by Prof. Dr. iur. Frank Meyer​, University of Zurich
  • Chair: Prof. Michelle Caianiello, Bologna University

17.30: drinks