30 Jun
10:00 - 22:00

Symposium Archival Interactions: Performing Intersectional Counter-Archives

MACCH affiliated researcher Eliza Steinbock will organise a closing symposium for the expert meet-up series “Archival Interactions: Artists and Archivists for Intersectional Research”. The symposium will focus particularly on dimensions of performance and performativity in archival interactions and it will take place in Amsterdam at the Academy for Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam University of the Arts in Amsterdam Noord.


Specifically, this symposium considers dimensions of performance and performativity in archival interactions: namely, interactions between and among archivists & records; scholars & documents; artists & archival scraps; artists & archivists; archives & counter-archives. In these interactions, what affects are elicited? What knowledge is produced?

Organized by: Eliza Steinbock, Associate Professor of Gender and Diversity, Maastricht University, together with Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Lector, Head of DAS Graduate School, Head of Research at the Academy of Theatre and Dance at Amsterdam University of the Arts, and supported by Wayne Modest, Director of Content, and Esmée Schoutens, Research Associate, at the Research Center of Material Culture at the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen.

To register: https://forms.gle/ccLAe7EUAC31yk4v9

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