•   112 May Jun 14:00

    Expert Lectures on International Trade Law

    The joint GlawNet and IGIR ‘Expert Lectures on International Trade Law’ aims at giving students, Ph.D. candidates, and Faculty members the opportunity to discuss the most current topics of international trade law with experts on the field from various universities and institutions from abroad.


  •   1530 May Jun 09:00
    - 23:59

    Ontwikkel jezelf, maak het verschil en woon gratis!

    Bij Match Huizen lever je een maatschappelijke bijdrage en betaal je geen huur. Wel zorg je voor verbinding in de buurt waar je woont. En je ontwikkelt jezelf op sociaal gebied.

  •   1620 May

    Human neuroanatomy and its clinical application

    The course will introduce the human neuroanatomy by lectures and hands on practical light microscopy and dissection of a human brain under supervision.

  • 16 May 16:00
    - 18:00

    Hybrid M-BIC lecture: Elly Hol

    Head of the department of Translational Neuroscience and Director of Education Division Neuroscience, University Medical Center Utrecht Brain Center, Utrecht

  • 16 May 16:00
    PhD Defence

    Online PhD conferral Elena F. Brachtel

    "Smaller, Faster, Brighter: New Concepts in the Tissue Diagnosis of Breast Cancer"

  • 16 May 20:00
    - 22:00
    Highlight, lecture

    LET’S TALK about the Influence of Social Media on our Self Image

    LET’S TALK is a programme in which we not only give the floor to experts, but also challenge the audience to speak up and interact. In a lively and relaxed setting, we address issues of (student) life: relationships, career, love, health, stress, party life, engagement, etc.

  • 17 May 08:30
    - 09:00
    study information

    Vraag & Antwoord sessie Mental Health (Master & Pre-master)

    Heb jij vragen over de Master in Mental Health? Of over de pre-master in Mental Health? Wil je deze vragen direct stellen aan de programmacoördinator? Schrijf je dan in voor deze online Vraag & Antwoord sessie!

  • 17 May 10:30
    - 11:30
    study information

    Online Q&A-session English law masters

    Questions about one of our masters? Ask them in this Q&A-session and recieve answers from our employees and students!

  • 17 May 11:00
    - 12:30

    CAPHRI webinar: Crowdfunding@UM

    Do you like to explore innovative and alternative ways for funding? Learn how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign in cooperation with Limburg University Fund/SWOL. 

  • 17 May 14:30
    - 16:30

    Principles of Turkish Constitutional Law in Comparative Perspective

    Part Two: "A Comparison between Turkish, French and Russian Constitutional Orders": Constitutional Structure, System of Government, Presidential Decree Power,​ Emergency Powers, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, ECHR and the Constitution.

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