20 May 2021
FEM Lunch

The Matilda Effect

Try to imagine that Einstein, the world's most famous scientist, had been born a woman. How would her life have been? Easier? More difficult? Do you think she would be as popular as Albert Einstein?

The Matilda Effect is the name for a type of discrimination suffered by many female scientists. Throughout history, many women researchers have been denied their contributions and the credit for their findings was given to their fellow male researchers. This injustice has prevented that women were renowned as they should and, therefore, they are not featured in textbooks.

Gender stereotypes settle soon

For the FEM Lunch, we will be joined by Dr Berta Cillero Pastor, who will talk to us about the Matilda effect and the #NoMoreMatildas movement. The movement, which is supported by important women writers, scientists, institutions and the media, denounces a phenomenon that deprives society of female role models in science.

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Want to find out more about the #NoMoreMatildas movement? Visit their website.