Registration is open to all teams who won the national selection 2023 of their country or have been admitted to the competition by the Executive Chair of the International Committee.

All participating countries are able to enter one team composed of two (former) law students (check the competition rules for this requirement!). Team registration can be submitted by the National Representative or the coordinator of the national competition or selection. Please use our registration form and send it by email to The form should also be used to register coaches, national representatives and other persons accompanying the country's team. Sending a separate form for each participant and visitor is appreciated. If the information asked for is not available, leave a blank.

Part of the form requires details of vegetarian or other dietary restrictions. Please supply these details as soon as possible. We will need to inform restaurants and caterers well in advance!

The registration fee imposed by the Executive Chair of the Brown-Mosten ICCC is € 500, which covers the two team members and a third person (coach or national representative).  Other visitors are asked to pay a contribution of € 100 each. After registration, an invoice will be sent. New countries may apply to the Executive Chair of the ICCC for an exemption.

A receipt of acknowledgment will be emailed to the sender of the registration form, possible asking for clarification.