Maastricht has many pleasant hotels not far away from the Faculty of Law and it will not be difficult to find one yourself.

Next to the Faculty of Law at a distance of 35 mtrs is a charming hotel with the charming name Les Charmes. All rooms have been booked for this competition. Not much further away there is the nice historical building of Hotel Au Quartier. Both hotels have a tariff agreement with Maastricht University.

Other (fancy) hotels at not more than 500 mtrs from the Faculty of Law are

-      St. Jacob 
-      Loft 51
-      Saillant
-      Gracht 62 
-      Le Theatre
-      Hotel Dis
-      Bouteaque Hotel
-      Britannique
-      Hustinx

Check for the prices yourself. They may vary according to the bookings that have already been made.

Cheap hotels

-      Easy Hotel Benelux
-      Beez Maastricht
-      Trash de Luxe

B&B's in the neighbourhood

-      Hofnar Maastricht
-      Guesthouse Maastricht
-      BE41
-      Guesthouse Jekerkwartier
-      Jan van Eyck guesthouse

For student participants with a low budget, room sharing in the Stayokay hotel  is a good option, which hotel is also within walking distance of the Faculty of Law. Before booking, you should check with the Student Committee if fellow students in Maastricht offer lodgings against payment of costs for the time of the competition (