28 Feb
11:00 - 13:00

How to measure innovation using different indicators and how to inform policy? | Open Lecture with Hugo Hollanders, UNU-Merit

Want to know if our MSc in Public Policy and Human Development programme (known as MPP for short) is right for you? You have the opportunity as a prospective student to join an online Open Lecture from the MPP specialisation Governance of Innovation.  

Content of the lecture 
When we talk about innovation, people define the concept differently - from just an idea, to something new, to a commercial success. In this lecture, the innovation concept will be defined from a statistical perspective. We will discuss a range of different indicators used for measuring innovation, from traditional Science & Technology indicators, including e.g. patents and Research & Development, to indicators using firm-level survey data, to approaches using big data. We then discuss how to use these indicators to inform policy makers to develop the right policies to trigger firms to innovate. The lecture will also include a discussion how to build and use innovation scoreboards and a detailed discussion of some of the questions used in innovation surveys.  

The aim of this lecture is to get familiar with the most widely used innovation indicators and to understand how they have evolved and can be (adequately) used in the policy context.   

 About the speaker 
The guest lecturer, Hugo Hollanders, is a senior researcher at UNU-MERIT and he is one of the leading experts on the measurement of STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) indicators having worked on such indicators almost 25 years in projects for the European Commission, UN, WIPO and different national governments. 

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