Practicalities and registration

House rules online conference

The GDPR and International Organisations: between EU Law and  Public International Law

  • This conference will run on the platform ZOOM of Maastricht University. It is not necessary to download anything in advance. You can simply click on the link, fill in the password and enter the waiting room.
  • You will receive at the latest one day in advance your access credentials for the conference platform.
  • Only registered and confirmed participants are allowed to enter the conference platform.
  • Only participants whose name is visible are being allowed to enter the conference; we will admit you from the waiting room into the conference after a check of our list of registered participants.
  • Please make sure you have a strong and reliable WiFi connection.
  • Please make sure your microphone is muted throughout the conference.
  • During the conference, questions can be asked through the chat; the conference’s moderators will transfer these questions to the panelists.
  • Please keep your questions brief and to-the-point.
  • Occasionally, the panel moderator may decide to give a participant the floor to ask the question by using the microphone.
  • Any inappropriate activity or violation of these guidelines may result in ejection from the conference.

We wish you an interesting conference and look very much forward to meeting you online!