• 21 Mar
  • 22 Mar
  • 6 Apr 12:00
    - 17:00

    Particle Physics Masterclass

    Maastricht Science Programme organises a particle physics masterclass. After an introduction and a crash-course in physics at the smallest scales, we will try to understand processes that were of great importance in the early universe.

  •   913 Apr
  • 11 Apr 12:30
    - 20:00

    Seminar over grensoverschrijdende controles

    Het 3e Seminar Formeel belastingrecht met als thema: Grensoverschrijdende belastingcontroles

  •   1113 Apr 14:00
    - 13:00

    EU Agencies Problem-Solving, Performance & the Accountability Overload: Squaring the Impossible Circle?

    This workshop and dialogue session on problem-solving, operability & the accountability overload aims to take a closer look at the current challenges which EU agencies are facing in their operations and to ask the complementary question of whether we must modify the legitimating concept of ‘agency accountability’ in order to facilitate complex agency operations. The workshop and dialogue session will also investigate the potential for further institutional innovations within the context of EU operation, asking whether instruments other than the agency.

  • 12 Apr 09:30
    - 16:00

    Machine Learning

    This comprehensive workshop will be your guide to learning how to use powerful machine learning algorithms.

  • 31 May 09:00
    - 16:00


    In this workshop, we will explore what formal ontologies are, what their building blocks are and how to build and maintain them using the prominent ontology development environment (ODE) – Protégé.

  • 12 Jun 09:00
    - 17:30


    In this workshop, you will not only learn the fundamentals of crowdsourcing but also get your hands dirty by designing and executing a task on CrowdFlower and getting and analyzing the results from the workers. Also, you will learn about the successful applications of crowdsourcing in different domains.

  •   913 Jul
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