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Monday 10 August

Workshop Know and show your qualities
When you want to enter the labour market, knowledge about yourself and your qualities is paramount. What are you good at and how do you communicate this, for example in a job interview? In this online workshop we will dive into these topics, with some theory and much room to practice.

Workshop Find and keep your energy sources 

  • What job will keep me motivated?
  • Why am I doing what I’m doing? 
  • What do I get out of it all? 
  • How can I stay motivated and persist at school or at work?

If you ask yourself these questions, while studying or working, this workshop can give you the answers. We offer you a mix of tools and scientific proven tips to enlarge your resilience and motivational level at work and at school. 

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Tuesday 11 August

Workshop Vacancy search
Are you looking to find a first job? Or do you want to do an internship or volunteer to develop professional competencies and explore the labour market? In this workshop, you find out how to approach your online search for opportunities. You learn about search techniques, from identifying interesting vacancy platforms to using the right search terms to find the opportunity of your dreams. 

Online networking using LinkedIn
Networking is a trainable skill. However, it is nice to know some facts, tips and tricks before you start. In this workshop we will address the do’s and don’ts of online networking. We will focus on the functionalities that LinkedIn has to offer for online networking and we will answer some frequently asked questions on the topic.

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Wednesday 12 August

Workshops CV & Letter of Application

  • How do I increase my chance of receiving an invitation for a job interview?
  • What do I put in the cover letter and what should my CV look like?
  • Can I use the same CV for all vacancies?
  • What about side jobs, do I only mention them if they are relevant to the job?

​Do you recognize these questions or do you have more questions?

In these two workshops you will learn how to:

  • Distinguish the relevant steps in a recruitment and selection process.
  • Evaluate your match with a vacancy and identify your unique selling points.
  • Identify the needs and demands of the employer with regard to the application documents
  • Produce a clearly structured and accessible CV, and write a compelling and convincing letter of application, according to guidelines and requirements.
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Thursday 13 August

Workshop Job interview

  • What kind of questions can I expect during an (online) job interview?
  • How do I keep my nerves under control and how do I answer every question?
  • What clothes do I put on and how do I make a good first impression?
  • What questions could I ask during a job interview?

Based on these questions we have built an online workshop and interview practice for you. You will find out the answers and have the opportunity to develop your newly found skills on the spot.

Workshop Time management

  • How do I prevent a continuous lack of time and that feeling of anxiety?
  • How do I keep an overview of what I have to do for my study?
  • What can I do to better organize my work?
  • How do I prevent procrastination?
  • How do I keep my concentration and not let myself be distracted?

This workshop is here to help you out. We can focus on your individual time management issues and support you to be more time efficient in your quest for a job.

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Friday 14 August

Lecture Job application in the digital era
Internet, social media and other technological developments have significantly changed the field of recruitment and the entire job application process. Recent societal developments have increased the speed of these changes even more. Through this interactive lecture you will learn about new possibilities and risk of online applications. You immediately get started with various tips and tools.

Closing activity
This last afternoon activity will focus on bringing together everything that you have discovered in the programme. It will be an engaging and fun closure of an intense week!

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Second half of August

Register for a career coaching session
We invite you to register for a follow-up career coaching session in the weeks following the programme. If and when needed, UM Career Services career counsellors are here to support you to find your way to the labour market.

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