10 Oct
13:00 - 17:00

CPD workshop: Gatekeeper Training - Suicide Prevention

In your work, but also in your private life, you may meet people who (possibly) have suicidal thoughts. During this in-company gatekeeper training, you will learn how to discuss these thoughts and how to encourage the other person to seek help.

CPD collaborates with the UM Psychologists and Well-being Movement and RINO group to offer this Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training.

Why this training?
Anyone who encounters someone with (possible) suicidal thoughts in their environment can be a gatekeeper. So you too. A gatekeeper refers to the key role you can play for someone who is so stuck in their thoughts that they no longer see the value of life. Research and experience show that people with suicidal thoughts often do not talk about them and do not seek help quickly, while we also know that talking about these thoughts helps and relieves them. As a gatekeeper, you can be that person who is confided in and makes thoughts negotiable, without taking on the role of a therapist.

About the trainers
In these challenging times, student mental health has never been more important. Students might not always have the required skills yet to overcome the challenges they face. The UM Psychologists and the UM Wellbeing Movement strive to make students more resilient and provide them with sufficient means to acquire skills that promote well-being during their studies and help them in their professional careers and life. At UM, there are many initiatives, programmes and plans that can contribute to student well-being and at the end of this workshop, we will provide you with an introduction and overview of these options. Already interested? A broad range of (online) lectures, workshops and training sessions have been developed for students to develop themselves personally and professionally. Check out the complete offer: www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/student-wellbeing

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