2425 Oct 12:00
- 15:00

Conference 'The EAW and in absentia convictions'

Together with the Amsterdam District Court and partners from five other EU Member States, researchers of Maastricht University have conducted a comparative legal study into European Arrest Warrants (EAW) relating to persons who were not present in the proceedings leading to their conviction (in absentia proceedings).

Practice shows that it often comes to problems in the request and execution of such EAWs. Not only do the procedures have to be reconciled with the right to a fair trial, of which the right to be present in criminal proceedings is an essential part, as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The European rules on EAWs after in absentia proceedings also seem to be unclear and national practice differs considerably in the Members States of the European Union. The research project has identified the underlying problems and misunderstandings between States that lead to the considerable delay, unjustified refusal of in absentia EAWs – or even unjustified surrender of convicts. In addition, common standards for issuing EAWs after in absentia proceedings have been formulated in order to avoid these problems.

At this closing symposium, we wish to present and discuss the main findings of our research as well as selected challenges of in absentia EAWs with a broad audience of practitioners and academics.

Project webiste: InAbsentiEAW

Preliminary programme

Thursday, 24 October 2019

As of 12h00 Arrival and Registration
13h30 Words of Welcome
14h00 The research project InAbsentiEAW: Goals, methodology, outcomes
Presentation of the project, its outcome, and recommendations
14h45 The InAbsentiEAW recommendations: The EU’s perspective
15h30 Coffee break
16h00 The InAbsentiEAW recommendations: The national perspective
18h00 End of the working day
19h00 Dinner

Friday, 25 October 2019

08h30        Registration

Specific InAbsentiEAW issues
1. The Eu meaning of terms
2. The virtual courtroom
3. Directive 2016/343/EU and EAWs

10h30 Coffee break
11h00 The InAbsentiEAW recommendations: different perspectives
12h45 Wrap-up and thank you
13h00 Lunch
15h00 End of the symposium



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